LIFE IN A VENTI CUP - “We’ve all had our moments of obsession with the work of Benjamin Dhong.”

MARCUS DESIGN - “Benjamin has the it-factor…you audibly gasp.”

LA DOLCE VITA - “For the first “Fabulous Room” of 2012, I’ve selected this simply stunning kitchen designed by the uber talented Benjamin Dhong.” 

PEAK OF CHIC - “Well, I knew this man was talented and clever, but I didn’t realize the extent of his creativity.”

CORAL AND COAST - “This man can do no wrong and every home he touches turns to gold!”

HAUS AND HOME - “I just HAD to share him with you!!!”

ALL THE BEST - “When you’ve got it, you’ve got. And Benjamin has it!”

LA DOLCE VITA - “This was my FAVORITE room of the designer showcase!”

THE LENNOXX - “He’s mastered the art of combining textures”